From its formation in 2004, Frameworks CDC has worked diligently to develop the community. Here are some success stories through the decade long dedication to Central Texas families.

Febe sitting with kids

The process of repairing my credit, rebuilding my credit and then preparing for homeownership was overwhelming and I may have fallen through the tracks if it wasn’t for two things: number one was not giving up on my dream and number two was FRAMEWORKS [CDC]!” -Febe

Nick's New Home

“Thank you to Frameworks [CDC] for helping me buy a house. I previously thought buying a home in Central Austin was impossible due to prices going through the roof. Renting was even proving to be difficult. Now, I am able to set roots in my adopted hometown and live within my means. I am excited to be a member of the community for years to come.” – Nick

Merie's New Home

“As an average person earning a modest income, I thought homeownership was beyond my reach. Fortunately, the wonderful staff at Frameworks [CDC] informed me about the various affordable homeownership programs available in town, such as the Community Land Trust program… Frameworks [CDC] being the designated realtor for the [CLT program] absolutely made me feel at ease and trust the process is going to be great. And I was not disappointed. Frameworks [CDC] staff go above and beyond to genuinely help you, educate you about the process and they don’t stop until they are confident that you know what you are getting into. They have the goodness of our community at heart. Now, my family and I are so in love with our home, and I know it would have taken us years to get here without the support of Frameworks [CDC].” – Merie