Pre-purchase housing counseling offers specific guidance tailored to your needs as an individual to overcome particular obstacles or address specific concerns in the homebuying process. It could also include referrals to down payment assistance programs, housing industry professionals, and the review of various aspects of your purchasing and financing process.

Our HUD-certified housing counseling is delivered to individuals through face-to-face meetings but can take place over the phone as well.

Before your appointment, you will need to collect a series of documents. The documents we ask for are the same documents banks ask for, so this will help us determine whether you are mortgage-ready or in need of an action plan to help you get there.

Please have the following documents ready for your appointment:

  • Identification (i.e. Driver’s License, Residency card, Passport, etc.)
  • Social Security Card
  • Paystubs or Source of Income (Most recent month)
  • Bank Statements (Most recent month)
  • Filed Tax Return and W2s (Most recent year)

In addition to the above documents, Frameworks CDC requires a tri-merge credit report for the appointment. The third party intermediary charges a fee, which is included in the cost of the credit report. For individuals, the fee, if paying with credit/debit card, is $25.81. For couples, the fee is $51.32.

NOTE:  You will purchase your credit report after you arrive for your housing counseling appointment.  For phone counseling appointments, you will purchase your credit report 72 hours in advance of the counseling appointment.  Your actual credit report will be “pulled” by the Frameworks CDC on the day of your in-person or phone housing counseling appointment.

Credit reports are only available for Frameworks CDC clients participating in our Homebuyer Education & Counseling services.

Credit Report for Individual : $25.81
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Credit Report for Couples: $51.32
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Additional Information:  Out of respect for all potential participants and due to the high volume of registrants for our classes, Frameworks CDC maintains a “three strikes” policy.  This pertains to both class registrations and/or one-on-one counseling sessions, either face-to-face or phone counseling.  Once you have cancelled/postponed your attendance for the third time, Frameworks CDC will not reschedule you for a class or appointment for a fourth time and you will not receive the Certificate of Completion for our program.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our program and your collaboration.

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