This section was designed to answer some of the questions most often asked about Frameworks CDC and its services. Please read through them before contacting our office.

Our Services

Does Frameworks CDC provide down payment assistance (DPA)?

Frameworks CDC does not provide any type of financial assistance. We provide homebuyer education, which is one of the requirements for most down payment assistance programs. The education includes information on how to start the process and a review summary of the different types of down payment assistance programs available in Central Texas

Does Frameworks CDC provide financing or loans?

No, Frameworks CDC does not provide any type of financing or mortgage loans. We do, however, give referrals of various loan providers and how to properly shop for a loan.

Is there a cost for Frameworks CDC’s services?

No – Although it costs around $2,000 to provide homebuyer education, we are fortunate to provide our entire in-person services at no cost to our participants.

Yes – In order to pull a tri-merge credit report for the pre-purchase housing counseling appointment, the third party intermediary charges a fee. Frameworks CDC passes this fee onto the client.

Yes – If you choose to take the online class, administered by eHomeAmerica, the fee is $99.00.


Does Frameworks CDC have houses for sale?

One of Frameworks CDC’s areas of focus is the rehabilitation and resale of distressed, foreclosure properties to low-to-moderate income earners. However, the opportunity to purchase housing from Frameworks CDC is determined by what is available in the greater Austin, Texas Area. Please check Our Work tab, or call our office to see what is available.

Homebuyer Education

What is the benefit of a homebuyer education certificate?

A homebuyer education certificate represents that you have completed the Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education program. The certificate is a requirement for all down payment assistance programs in the area, most housing programs and some loan products. Without the certificate, those opportunities are not available.

Besides the homebuyer education certificate, why is Homebuyer Education important?

Homebuyer Education helps prepare families for the homebuying process and what it takes to succeed in not only buying a home, but keeping a home. In addition to this, participants gain knowledge of mortgage loans, housing, and down payment assistance options available.

Why does Frameworks CDC’s Homebuyer Education program require both the class and one-on-one housing counseling?

It is at every organization’s discretion to create a Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education program based on what it believes most benefits its participants. Frameworks CDC believes that the one-on-one counseling is a fundamental part of the education as it allows an in depth analysis of the client’s information. This will help identify potential barriers to being mortgage-ready and to create an action plan, if needed. If there are barriers, the HUD-certified counselor will discuss possible resources and next steps based on personal goals.

Why does Frameworks CDC pull a 3-in-1 (tri-merge) credit report?

A credit report is one of the most important tools in mortgage qualification. The benefit of reviewing a credit report before heading into a bank is to review the mid-credit score, good or bad, using a soft-inquiry, which does not affect your credit score.  Pulling a credit-report through a HUD-approved housing counseling agency will give you the opportunity to do a page-by-page review of your entire credit report before ever stepping inside a bank.

FYI — When banks and mortgage companies pull your credit report, it is considered a “hard inquiry” which will lower your credit score.  They are also not obligated to explain your credit report to you.

If I already gave these documents to my lender, why do I also need to give them to Frameworks CDC?

Our job, based on the HUD-certified national standards, is to provide Pre-Purchase Counseling that requires a full analysis of all clients who want a Homebuyer Education certificate. Without the proper documents, we are unable to complete the proper assessment and would not be fulfilling our HUD-approved obligations. Depending on the legal authorization to share information, the lender could forward that information to our office via fax or email in order to make the process more convenient for you.

I know that I am nowhere near being mortgage-ready. Should I still come to the education?

YES! We work with families at all stages of the mortgage process, even the ones to whom homeownership is just an idea. Our HUD-certified and trained counselors work with you to create an action plan that will help you become mortgage-ready. 

Mortgage Delinquency

What is the benefit of using Frameworks CDC to help in mortgage delinquency counseling?

Frameworks CDC is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency with over ten years of experience helping clients with mortgage delinquency. We provide the free service of assisting clients with completing, submitting and following up on a modification applications through their lenders or mortgage servicers.  Frameworks CDC will be the reliable single point of contact to get updates, while trained counselors explain each step of the process to you.

Does Frameworks CDC give out loan modifications?

Frameworks CDC does not give loan modifications. We submit loan modification applications to your lender or mortgage servicer.  A loan modification application is a request for the lender or mortgage company to change the terms of the loan and to possibly forgive any past due amount.  Frameworks CDC does not have the ability to negotiate the terms or results of the loan modification.  While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we have been successful in assisting clients to their desired outcome.

What is the difference between modification and refinance?

Modifications are for loans that are in default. This requires a request for mortgage assistance (RMA) application. To refinance a loan, you need to be in good standing and credit-qualified.

Does Frameworks CDC provide Reverse Mortgage Counseling?

No, Frameworks CDC does not provide Reverse Mortgage Counseling. Reverse Mortgage Counseling requires a special certification and a great time commitment with the client. Frameworks CDC does not currently have the capacity in training nor time to properly provide this service. We can, however, make referrals to agencies that do provide Reverse Mortgage Counseling.