Frameworks CDC educates families not only about buying a home, but keeping it through a comprehensive pre-purchase homebuyer education program.

All participants are required to complete both the education portion AND attend a on-on-one counseling session in order to receive the certificate of completion.

Classes are open to the public and registration is required to attend/complete either class. Online registration is note below and classroom registration is on the next tab.

Topics covered include:

  • Homeownership Readiness & Affordability
  • Money and Credit Management
  • Types of Properties and Financing Available
  • Closing Processes and Home Maintenance

LENDERSThe English and Spanish Onsite Class dates are noted below  The online course is not designed to shorten the timeframe in which a client may be scheduled for the one-on-one counseling appointment.  Please ensure you are letting your clients know well in advance if they need this certification to meet your lending requirements!


The online class gives a participant the opportunity to take the class portion on his/her own time. Offered in both English and Spanish, the class is powered by eHomeAmerica and consists of 6 modules.   The cost is $99.00.   

One-on-one counseling is required to receive the certificate of completion.  This may be accomplished either via a face-to-face or telephone appointment.


  • Most counseling appointments are scheduled at least 30 days in advance due to the volume of clients.
  • We are unable to accommodate “emergency” counseling appointment requests.  Your counseling appointment will be scheduled at the next available time.
  • If your lender requires the certificate of completion, please plan your home purchase closing date accordingly!

If you understand the above, please register for the online class HERE.



The class onsite provides free general instruction to increase your knowledge and build new skills in the area of homeownership. The classroom is located at 701 Tillery Steet, Suite A-4B, Austin, TX, 78702 .

Curing class, you will schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our HUD-certified counselors.

All program material is taught by Frameworks CDC staff with the support of community partners.

Frameworks Homebuyer Education Class Material


Frameworks CDC utilizes the best practices of NeighborWorksAmerica®, Realizing the American Dream book. This book can be purchased online, during the class, or during counseling.

Realizing the American Dream Book:  $25.00

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2018 Schedule: Saturdays 8am- 4pm

Month English Class Spanish Class
January 13th 27st
February 10th 24th
March 10th 17th
April 14th 21nd
May 12th 19th
June 9th 16th
July 14th 21st
August 11th 18th
September 8th 15th
October 13th 20th
November 10th 3rd
December 8th 1st

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We will contact you within 1 to 3 business days to confirm your class registration.