Home SavedFrameworks CDC helps families save their homes from the threat of foreclosure by providing comprehensive Mortgage Delinquency Counseling. Many households facing foreclosure encounter a confusing and intimidating process. What are your options? What is the best strategy to become current on your loan? Can you get a modification? How do you apply for one?

You may already be in the application process for a modification and are facing non-reliable points of contact in the mortgage bank, not knowing how to properly complete the paperwork, what documentation to include or how to react to certain correspondence.

Frameworks CDC has over a decade of experience in helping families navigate loan modifications and the foreclosure process.

Frameworks CDC’s HUD-certified counselors first assess the family’s situation by reviewing their payment status, reason for the delinquency, income sources, regular expenses and other debt obligations. From this information, the counselor will explain all the options the family has available to them to resolve their housing problem.

If a loan modification is a potential option, Frameworks CDC will work with you and your loan servicer.  Counselors will coach you on what documents you need and how to best prepare them. Frameworks CDC staff also becomes the reliable single point of contact to get updated status on your application while consulting with a counselor throughout the process.

The first step in getting the comprehensive mortgage delinquency counseling is to Click this link to access the initial intake form. A Frameworks CDC staff member will contact you to discuss what documents are needed to begin the process.

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